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Free programming, multifunction, embedded controller on ARM core.

    We made another free programming, embedded controller, for industrial automation.

    Technical review:

    • OS: Linux
    • Core: ARM926EJ-S
    • DRAM 128Mb DDR2
    • Embeded NAND flash диск
    • microSD/SDHC интерфейс
    • Ethernet 100Mbit (2 Ethernet port switch)
    • 2 USB host. (Hi speed)
    • 3 serial interfaces RS-485 (may be isolated by order)
    • Two 24bit ADC give 8 analog differential input 0-20 mA or -25..+25V. Or it may be configured as up to 16 singne-end channels.
    • 4 calibrated current source for temperature sensors PT1000/PT100
    • 2 analog output 4-20mA and paralel +/-10 В
    • 12 discrete input AC 220V (or AC/DC 24В by option).
    • 4 discrete input DC 24V
    • 20 discrete output nMOS open drain 3-24V ; 0.5A
    • Power 12-24В, about 5W (without power for external USB devices)
    • Size 94x128 mm


    The controller include two board:

    Controller available for order. Price 448 USD without delivery.
    The time about 6 week. + delivery time
    Fast order is also possible (about 3 week + delivery time).
    Special price for wholesale.
    Also we can developing the scheme for including this controller in your system and software for your purpose.
    For wholesale orders, we ready to developing custom software for your process free.
    Apart from default Linux software (Bash,Perl,ssh,openvpn,etc..), we provide us applications:
    • Easy configurable systems of tags (text configuration file, tags in shared memory, available for applications and drivers)
    • Web interface, dynamic show the data, possibility to look to technical process each from phone.
    • Configurable RTU-MODBUS server.
    • Configurable RTU-MODBUS clients.
    • Configurable TCP-MODBUS server.
    • Configurable TCP-MODBUS clients.
    • Module of devices control (ADC,DAC,DI,DO) build-in to kernel, available with '/proc' file-system, through 'ioctl' call, and also the data from ADC and digital input can be mapped in the user's application address space with help standard function 'mmap'. Also we provide application that show all input signal in tags, and control of outputs by tags state.
    • Application for logging of required parameters.
    • The control algorithms developing for each technology custom.


    Quantity: шт.
    Your name:
    Delivery address:
  • Fast order(+80 USD.)
  • Setup second advanced MPU for doubling (+8 у.е.)
    Configuration of analog output:
  • 2 current channels 0-20 mA and parallel two linked channels 0-10V
  • 2 current channels 0-20 mA and paralel two independet channels 0-10V (+9 у.е.)
  • 4 independet current channels 0-20 mA (+9 у.е.)
  • 4 independet channels 0-10V (+9 у.е.)
  • 3 independet current channels 0-20 mA and one independet channel 0-10V (+9 у.е.)
  • 3 independet channels 0-10V and one current channel 0-20 mA (+9 у.е.)
    Setup isolation for RS485 (+15 USD for each channel)
  • without isolation
  • isolation for one channel
  • isolation for two channels
  • isolation for three channels
    Advanced requirements:


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